Free Art Movement

Picasso was notoriously known for being generous with giving away sketches on napkins and other tidbits to people. I think he had the right idea. Art is beautiful and meant to be shared. I recently was invited to join a movement in my beloved city of Nashville, Tn called the Free Art Movement. It's conception is meant to inspire in the form of "art drops" and what is meant to be a free-for-all scavenger hunt. Many cities and artists have already been involved in this, but in our corner of the world it is a treat to see what my fellow creatives are up to. #freeartnashville

To me this meant a chance to further encourage the community to be active participants in my art. This may seem selfish or self-serving, but I was pleased to know that my little mini canvas and note (see below) helped brighten and even turn around a person's day. This person wrote me a personal account of what had happened right before they "found" my art, with the help of a quick snapshot of its location and posted to the Facebook group page.  

What they say is true. Giving is better than receiving. 

nikia. <3

free art drop. nashville, tn.